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Strange but delicious

Strange but delicious.... Blood orange gelato in a pool of extra-virgin olive oil with mint.



I am not a huge fan of fusion… or, rather, I think it has its limits. For those masochistic souls who, like me, have read the inimitable American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis, you will recall the intentional absurdities of the characters’ dinner menus. An integral attraction in the mad carnival that Ellis creates is the nightly $300 supper of increasingly absurd food pairings, culminating in my favorite, the Cilantro Cheesecake. For those of us foodies with a wicked sense of humor, the cache of these unappetizing meals lent a bit of levity to an otherwise grizzly novel.


But, as usual, I digress… the point is that it didn’t take the macabre humor of American Psycho to turn me off of fusion. I’m just a bit too traditional for all of the new-fangled stuff that kids these days are coming out with.




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Smitten Cocktail on White


The first time I sampled the unparalleled combination of orange & chocolate was on a date with my hot, HOT high school boyfriend at a new cafe in town, Starbucks. The first sip of my Valencia Mocha had me spellbound, and the combination of its heavenly taste and staring across a white and green cup into those smokey, eighteen-year-old eyes has left me weak in the knees at that particular flavor fusion ever since.


For a Valentine’s Day libation, I wanted something dark, smooth, glassy, and sensuous which meant no confection-colored, creamy concoctions. This is an adult drink meant for two to savor, not twelve to toast.


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