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Smitten Cocktail on White


The first time I sampled the unparalleled combination of orange & chocolate was on a date with my hot, HOT high school boyfriend at a new cafe in town, Starbucks. The first sip of my Valencia Mocha had me spellbound, and the combination of its heavenly taste and staring across a white and green cup into those smokey, eighteen-year-old eyes has left me weak in the knees at that particular flavor fusion ever since.


For a Valentine’s Day libation, I wanted something dark, smooth, glassy, and sensuous which meant no confection-colored, creamy concoctions. This is an adult drink meant for two to savor, not twelve to toast.



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Valentine's Day Dinner... There's nothing like a rare tenderloin to spark the flames of romance.


Recessions seems to come at the most inconvenient times, don’t they?


While we all feign contempt for this, the most unapologetically commercial of holidays, there is no ignoring Valentine’s Day… not when your darling has been obsessively forwarding you links to his or her latest desire.


While the idea of going out for a romantic (read: budget-busting) dinner á deux seems rather ill-advised in these economic times, an at-home version can easily meet, or even exceed, the experience at a gorgeous restaurant.


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