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Real, REAL Whipped Cream


Whipped cream makes your everyday coffee or cocoa after dinner special.

Whipped cream makes your everyday coffee or cocoa a special treat.



There is a relatively new commercial airing from Reddi Whip in which a diner customer is given the option between whipped cream made with hydrogenated oils or real cream. Guffawing, she, not surprisingly opts for the whipped cream made with real cream. This may not seem like satire to anyone else, but I find it darkly comedic that a pre-packaged confection, sprayed from a can with the use of nitrous oxide is being promoted as more “real” or “like homemade”.


It irks me to no end, the measures that the processed food industry has taken to convince us that desserts are not worth the time and effort to be made from scratch, which is, to put it mildly, a complete farce. The only thing even more bothersome than the deception is the success that they’ve had in convincing us that baking from scratch is laborious and antiquated, when in reality, it is anything but.



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